Statistical Services


What do I offer?

  • statistical and non-statistical advice during the planning of your study. In fact, the earlier you contact me, the better. Some researchers only seek statistical advice when it comes to the analysis of the data. However, errors that have been made earlier (e.g., inadequate sample size, inadequate randomization or treatment allocation, inadequate research instruments to answer the study questions, inadequate documentation or data storage...) are often impossible to correct at a later stage
  • statistical analysis of your data. This involves descriptive and inferential statistics using adequate methods for the data at hand. I use a broad spectrum of techniques, mostly regression-based techniques
  • publication quality graphs and tables of your data
  • description of the statistical methods in your "material and methods" section
  • critical reading and revision of your manuscript for important intellectual content before submission. Actually, I can be very critical, but be assured that this is always constructive criticism. The editors and reviewers will be critical as well!
  • assistance in replying to editors and reviewers about statistical issues

What do I NOT offer?

  • data manipulations or inappropriate tests to generate "significant" results. Scientific integrity and correct conclusions are the first priority, not any "significant" p-values!
  • statistical analysis of data that have been collected without adequate permissions (i.e., without informed consent for patient data unless waiver of consent by IRB; missing approval by appropriate authorities)
  • analysis of data that have been collected without any intention to be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal
  • Bayesian Statistics

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