Dr. Patrick Schober, MD, PhD, Master of Medical Statistics

Welcome to Medical-Statistics.org, the website for professional analysis of medical research data!

Why would you need a professional biostatistician to help you plan your research and to analyse your data? Since you have found my website, I guess that you have already determined that you may need some assistance. Researchers often perform simple summary statistics and hypothesis tests themselves. However, as the data get more complicated (e.g., large datasets, non-normally distributed data, longitudinal and correlated data, multiple groups and multiple comparisons, missing data, survival data ...) you may be in doubt which analysis techniques to use. In fact, it is very easy (and unfortunately very common) to use inappropriate methods and to draw wrong conclusions. Congratulations that you want to avoid these mistakes!

I offer a quite unique combination of skills and qualifications to help you setting up your research and to analyse your data. First of all, I'm a biostatistician with a master's degree in medical statistics. Unlike many other statisticians, I'm also a clinician and active researcher myself. We speak the same language when you explain your research plans, and I can explain statistical aspects of study planning, methods which I use for the analyses of your data as well as the results in "plain language". From my research background and my experience as reviewer for several scientific journals, I may also be able to give you valuable non-statistical tips to improve your research project and to increase the chance to get your paper accepted. Another aspect which you might find interesting (especially if you don't have an abundant budget for your research) is that it doen't cost a cent. I don't work for money (well, I do, but not as a statistician) but on the basis of scientific collaboration.

In detail, these are my skills and qualifications:

  • Master of Medical Statistics, Graduate Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society
  • Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Amsterdam University Medical Center, Location VUmc Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Emergency Physician, Helicopter Emergency Services (HEMS) "Lifeliner 1", Amsterdam
  • Clinical and experimental Researcher with broad spectrum of research projects
  • Author of 120+ publications in peer reviewed journals and books, 70+ abstracts at national and international congresses
  • Reviewer for several scientific journals, including JAMA, Anesthesia & Analgesia, Emergency Medicine Journal, British Journal of Anaesthesia, and others
  • Associate Statistical Editor, Anesthesia & Analgesia
  • Member of the Scientific Board, Dutch Resuscitation Council
  • Member of the Research Board, Department of Anaesthesiology, VU University Medical Centre Amsterdam
  • Member and Chair of the Scientific Steering Committe of the BRAIN-PROTECT project
  • Dutch University Teaching Qualification; regular academic teaching activities for medical students and residents; lecturer for several continuing education programs
  • Course Director Advanced Life Support
  • Membership in 8 scientific societies

If you're interested in a research collaboration, read more about the services I offer and the Terms and Conditions for a collaboration. Contact me for more information!

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