Medical statistics and biostatistics:

Professional data analysis for medical research, laboratory research and clinical trials

Welcome to, the website for professional analysis of medical research data! No matter whether experimental laboratory research, biomedical research,epidemiologic data, clinical research, or randomized controlled trials (RCT): we offer the expertise and statistical methods for analysis, interpretation and presentation of your data!

This site is for biomedical researchers, who:

  • have the ambition to get the most out of their data
  • need professional advice in planning and conducting a study properly from the very beginning
  • need expert statistical advice for the analysis and presentation of their data
  • want to be sure to draw the right conclusions

I am a professional biostatistician (Master of Medical Statistics), but also a medical specialist (anesthesiologist and emergency physician) as well as an experienced researcher (Associate Professor, authored or co-authored more than 120 manuscripts and book chapters). This unique combination gives you the best of three worlds. As a clinician and researcher, I know from first hand what clinical and laboratory research is all about. As a biostatistician, I can handle your data!

Read more about my qualifications and about the services I offer. Statistical services are free of charge on the basis of scientific collaboration. Read the Terms and Conditions and contact me for more information.

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